A good trip

Voici quelques témoignages en anglais sur le voyage de 4 jours au Futuroscope (du 22mai2012 au 25mai2012).

We left by ferry from Bastia to Nice. It was the longest part of the trip; more over the boat was moving a lot and we were almost all sick. Once in Nice, we took a bus that brought us to the train station. So we took the night train (in fact, we have not really slept). When we arrived at the Futuroscope, we were so comforted and happy to be finally here. We spent the first day with a guide who introduced us to the park. The evening when we arrived at the hotel, we were all happy to have a shower! We then went to the nightly show. The next day it was “free” because we had a choice of attractions. The two days on the park of Futuroscope were so good. In the evening we took the train in the opposite direction to return to Corsica, with a stop at Nice to the shop and eat at “Mac Do”.
récit de Sonia Istvan (4èmeA).

L'attente à la gare

mission : éclabousse !

The morning, we arrived at the port in Bastia, then we took the boat, we arrived in Nice and we took the train at night to go in Poitiers at Futuroscope. We made attractions all day with a guide and the evening we returned to the hotel to wash and after we went to see a evening show “la note bleu”. Then we returned at the hotel to sleep. And the next day we were alone in the park, where it was attractions of our choice. The evening, we took the train to Nice. The next day we went to H&M with the girls and for boys, went to FNAC. We are eating in a place in center of Nice, when we took the ferry to return in Corsica.
récit de Pauline Pischedda (4èmeC).

Le parc, c'est dur!!!

La prof d'anglais et quelques élèves

On May 22nd 2012, I left for my school journey with Corentin, Laura and other classmates and four teachers of the middle school. We took the boat in the direction of Nice, the train corail where we spent at night. The next day we arrived at about 8:30am when we took a good Breakfast at about 10am we began the visit of the park. This visit was very pleasant and enriching. There we did attraction with strong sensation brillant. The evening we went in the hotel to take a shower before going to the night show. After one good night of sleep, the next day we had free district. It allowed us bought some memories for our parents, and to make this attraction. In the coming at about 6pm we made the reload of return in sense inverted. Bastia had a beautiful shower but will be a trip that I will not forget.
récit de Philippe Poli-Marianni (5èmeC).

La prof d'anglais et d'autres élèves

La prof d'anglais avec un anglophile : Martin

We left early in the morning on a Corsica ferry. We spend the morning on this boat. We landed early I the afternoon under a bright sunny day! We took the bus to the station; the train was 1 hour late. It was fun with us at the station. At 6:00pm we got into the train and spent the night in! I love it we slept between us was a good laugh! The morning to get a guide was the Futuroscope we drove to a restaurant for lunch, everything was ready after we made attractions all day, at night we were at the hotel and we took a SHOWER best things of the trip! We returned to see a really good illuminated show with water and special effects really awesome… After spending the night at the hotel we spend the day alone among young we had one day off. It was good fun! We had a picnic in the grass and we took the train. There was a nightclub in the train. It was really too much fun up to 0:00. The next morning we woke up with really weird voice, we arrived for lunch at the boat we were all very tired it was hard. We landed at Bastia in the evening. There was a terrible storm and the water looked like it was a purpose and here is a great trip ends but it’s still good memories to us.
récit de Mattea Piazzoli (4èmeC).

regroupement dans Nice

pause pique-nique

Hello, my name is Janna, I would like to talk to you about the journey to the attraction park Futuroscope of Poitier. We arrived at Bastia at seven o’clock. Then we took the “Corsica ferries” to go to Nice. After a short bus-trip to the main station, we entered the night-train. The next morning our guide showed us the park and the attractions. After the night show “La note bleu” we slept in the hotel of the Furoscope. On Thursday we discovered our favorite attractions with our friends. The return trip was first the night-train and seconds the ferry to Bastia where our parents came to meet us.
récit de Janna König (4èmeA).

La prof d'anglais avec Etienne et Floriant

ballade sur la croisette

We went to the port and then we took the ferry we had the much anticipated arrival in Nice. Once a Nice we got to the station. The girls left to go shopping with the CPE and Miss Hammeni for to buy what we’ll eat in the train. We got on the train and settled for the night. The next day we arrived to Futuroscope. We took our breakfast in a diner and then we made lots of attractions. In the evening we watched a very pretty show. We slept in the hotel. The next day we had free time. But unfortunately we had to leave… We had a party in the train, it was really good. On the boat we slept and then we arrived at Bastia with a gloomy weather.
récit de Laura Lemaire (5èmeC).

Dimanche 24 Juin 2012
Hasna Hammeni


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Sébastien Grisoni

devinette :

Dans un pays lointain, un roi voulait faire construire un escalier pour atteindre les nuages… Ses architectes lui proposèrent l’escalier de trois marches dessiné ci-dessus. Combien de cubes de pierre seraient nécessaires pour un escalier de 1000 marches ?
Mr Jourdan

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