Quinzaine du film britannique

Quinzaine du film britannique

Lors de la quinzaine du film britannique, les classes de 3èmeB et C se sont rendues au 7ème art à Furiani pour la projection du film "Hitchcock". Voici une restitution en anglais du film par quelques élèves de 3èmeB.

The characters:

There are other important characters like Geoffrey Shurlock who is a member of the censorship commission, there is also the producer of the paramount Studios who refuses to finance Hitchcock’s project.

The making of Psycho:
In 1959, director Alfred Hitchcock is at the top of his carreer. His latest film, North by Northwest is a great success, but the filmaker is troubled by a reporter's remark that it is time to retire...
Alfred Hitchcock isn’t very pleased and he feels he should make another masterpiece
So he decides to adapt a book written by Robert Bloch in 1959 which tells the story of a serial killer.
The journalists aren't too sure about this new film. The Paramount Studios don’t like the project and deny Hitchcock a proper budget.
Alfred suggests that he will put his own money on the film and he entirely finances it
He must also face censorship, which was very strict in the 1960’s
To make sure the film (especially the end) remains a secret, he buys every copy of the book Psycho so that people can’t read the story. He also makes the film crew swear they won’t reveal anything. He forbids access to the studio to everyone who is not working on the film.
His wife who supports him throughout the project, feels rejected but when Hitchcock becomes ill with stress, she helps him with the montage and a few scenes, (the scene when the detective falls down the stairs and she suggests adding some music to the shower scene which became a great success).
When the film is finished, it is released in only a couple of theatres. To attract people to the cinema, Hitchcock makes the film look terrifying by putting police men outside the cinemas and he says “you either see the film from the very beginning, or you don’t see it all”. He also puts signs up in front of cinemas:

article écrit par Bouilland Romane (3èmeB).

The relationship between Hitchcock and his wife:
The relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Alma. Alfred Hitchcock and Alma are a cold couple: they don't share the same bed and don't show any signs of affection. Alma is attentive to her husband's work, she is caring and supportive, but she waits for his recognition. She is fussy as far as her husband’s movies are concerned, and she supports him on every project. But she isn't totally happy because their relationship is not very affectionate, she is jealous about the blond actresses hired by Hitchcock. Moreover, her work is not recognized and she is fed up with being at the second place.
Whitfield Cook is a screenwriter. He wants his script to be accepted by Alfred Hitchcock to make a movie, he wooes Alma for this. Whit is unfaithful and manipulative: one day, Alma goes to see Whit to work on his script and she finds him with other woman.
When her husband falls ill, she helps him in his movie for the montage. At the end of the film, Alfred calls Alma, kisses her and thanks her in public.

article écrit par Luro Lydie, Dionisi Laurella (3èmeB).

Psycho, a summary:
Marion Crane steals 40,000$ to her boss. She leaves to see her boyfriend, Sam. She stops in a motel at night. She meets Norman Bates (the owner) who lives next to the motel with his mother. When she is under the shower, she is killed. Norman gets rid of her body, of the money and of her car.
Leila, sister of the victim, and a detective look for Marion. The detective is killed by Norman’s mother. Leila is told by the sheriff that Mrs Bates died 8 years ago. She decides to go to the house of the killer to discover the truth. She realizes that Norman’s mother is dead, her body is in the house, so Norman is the killer. The story ends with the crazy killer’s trial.

article écrit par Battestini Laurent (3èmeB).

Après la projection, une rencontre fortuite a mis en joie certains élèves !

Uscidda Théo et Julien Sablé

Ferretti Ghjuvan Lurenzu et Julien Sablé

Mercredi 15 Mai 2013
Christel Rossi


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Dans un pays lointain, un roi voulait faire construire un escalier pour atteindre les nuages… Ses architectes lui proposèrent l’escalier de trois marches dessiné ci-dessus. Combien de cubes de pierre seraient nécessaires pour un escalier de 1000 marches ?
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